The Approach to IoT

Greenhouse Automation

Greenhouse Automation refers to software created to automate the operation of technical equipment installed in greenhouses. In the past, the operation of the greenhouse was done by opening ventilation windows when the temperature rises. Today, greenhouse computers create weather forecasts, optimize irrigation strategies accordingly, and at the same time update information on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Advances in greenhouse technology have made it impossible to manage greenhouses without smart computers. Like modern automotive and aviation computers, greenhouse computers make it the most efficient way to work. Intelligent climate control ensures optimal growth in terms of energy, water, and nutrient consumption. Considering the cost of these resources, greenhouses not only create the best conditions for product growth but also significantly reduce operating costs.
Another important greenhouse operating cost is labor costs. To monitor and manage workers in greenhouses, key breeders can use strategies and guide the right people to the right jobs. The management software collects data from the greenhouse workers while performing certain tasks in the greenhouse. Having workers who provide tools to track the appearance of plants and notify senior farmers makes labor registration a valuable computer system.