IoT Equipments

IoT Equipments

Smart farming applications must be designed for farm use. An employer or farm manager should be able to access information locally or remotely via a smartphone or desktop computer.
In addition, each connected device must be independent and have sufficient wireless range to communicate with other devices and send data to a central server.
You can control soil moisture, soil temperature, hydraulic conductivity, carbon dioxide, light, air quality, water drying, and wind patterns.
IoT devices need to provide homeowners with a more reliable, flexible, and efficient environmental monitoring solution.
In addition, these wireless devices are easy to install, save effort and easily scale for future development.
Finally, charts provide excellent data visualization for quick and effective decision-making for best results.

-Devices for plant moisture levels in various growing environments.
-room temperature equipment or greenhouses in various locations.
-Devices for light intensity sensors in various places
-Control of carbon dioxide in different places

  • Sensor for PH level and water temperature in the water storage tank.
    -Three-in-one sensor for conductivity, temperature, and soil moisture to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients by plants.
    -Flowmeter to monitor total energy consumption and ensure fan and motor efficiency.
  • Leakage sensor for growth chamber and water storage.
    -Other special sensors such as audible alarms and fire extinguishers.